Corporate Tax Pros: 5 Reasons Why What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas

Corporate Tax Pros: 5 Reasons Why What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas

This weekend my colleague, Kelley Lear, and I will be hopping on a plane to Vegas. While trips to Vegas might conjure up images of gambling and debauchery, we are headed out there for an entirely different reason…Vertex Exchange 2011. Vertex, a provider of tax technology solutions for corporate tax departments, will be kicking off their annual three-day conference for tax pros on Monday, October 24th at the Bellagio.

So, while the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” might normally be fitting, below are five reasons why tax professionals won’t find this holds true next week.

  1. Lots of Sessions - With over 100 sessions covering both direct and indirect tax and over 20 CPE credits up for grabs, you can rest assured that tax professionals will be talking in Vegas. Those in attendance will undoubtedly head back to their corporate tax department with lots of tax tips to share.
  1. Great Tax Pros Like You - Kelley and I are eager to get out there and meet face-to-face with corporate tax pros like you. We want to understand more about the challenges tax professionals are facing and hear about the things being done to improve the corporate tax department. We will be wearing our Intaxication t-shirts on Monday in Vegas, so if you are there, please come up to us and say hi.
  1. Live Tweets - Attendees, including Kelley and me, will be tweeting live updates throughout the conference, providing corporate tax professionals that aren’t in attendance with highlights of some of the best stuff. If you are interested, you can follow the conference using this hashtag: #Exchange11.  NOTE: Don’t be afraid if you are in corporate tax and haven’t joined Twitter yet. Here is your perfect excuse. Our FREE eBook can help get tax professionals started. Or, just sign up for an account and enter the hashtag in the Twitter search box. You will get a real time stream of people tweeting from the conference.
  1. Daily Blog Updates – Kelley and I will be posting highlights on the best sessions to this blog all next week. So, don’t forget to check back daily.
  1. Photos & Video – That’s right. We’re coming with our cameras, so we can catch tax pros in action!! Look for new photos on our Facebook page during the conference and updated video on our YouTube channel soon.

With so many great things going on to benefit a corporate tax department, it would be a shame to have all of this great stuff stay in Vegas. Don’t you think?

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  1. Russ Moon Newsletter Vol. I Access –

    OR speak with me to land a killer job using Vertex, hiring right now nationally ….it doesn’t get any better than this.

    • David Zuraff


      I have alot of experience implementing and client service/managing in the tax technology field with PWC, Andersen, and Deloitte, and would like to get back into that role again. I had left the field to take a corporate tax position and in those positions used my tax technology background to streamline processes, implement Vertex(among others, ie Corptax) and gain efficiencies in the tax department. I would be very interested in speaking with you about a position to get back into the tax technology field. I look forward to hearing from you.

      David B. Zuraff, CPA

  2. Thanks for letting folks know, Russ. Best of luck filling your positions.

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