It’s All About Thanks

It’s All About Thanks

Just like all kids, when I was growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  As I grow older and a little more mellow, I find that Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday.   I don’t need all the decorations, the time management as I try to fit everything in as the year grows shorter and the stress because I can’t find that just-right gift for the person on my list that has everything.

I enjoy that Thanksgiving is centered on food, family, friends and the experience.  I truly understand the thanks in Thanksgiving.   I could go through a long list of the obvious people and things I am thankful for, but what about the things that happen every day that don’t get recognized with ‘thanks’.

Do you sincerely thank the people you are around and work with everyday?   And I don’t mean the ‘thanks’ for handing me the stapler kind of thanks.   I mean the thanks that you sincerely appreciate their help, their presence, their consideration, their effort.  Not by gushing embarrassing compliments, but just a sincere “Mike, thanks for ________.”

  • Did you ever thank the person in your office that gets there early enough every morning to make the office coffee for everyone?
  • How about the person that always takes on coordinating office events and taking all of the lunch orders AND bringing them back to the office AND making sure you get the right order?
  • And the person that always shows up on time no matter the weather or the traffic?  You can count on them to always be there.  I once had an intern go to the office during a hurricane and call me to ask where everyone else was!
  • What about the newspaper delivery person that makes sure your newspaper lands as near to your front door as possible?  I won’t bring up the guy that throws it on your roof; he deserves a different kind of thank you.
  • And the office cleaning crew that comes in during work hours and unobtrusively works while you are still trying to conduct business?

I am sure you can think of many more.  Don’t worry if you aren’t prone to thanking someone out of the blue.  There are other ways to show thanks.

Thousands of charitable organizations in this country over the past few years have managed to continue to do good work with less and less dollars, less donors and less volunteers. You or someone you know may have been helped by one of these organizations. According to the Center on Philanthropy, giving dropped 13 percent in 2008 and 2009. Total giving has grown by 2.1 percent in 2010 after adjusting for inflation.  However, at that rate, it will take five to six more years for giving to return to the level it was before the Great Recession.  Philanthropic giving and support provides a great opportunity to say thanks.  I am sure any of these organizations would appreciate your thanks for the work they do by your expression of volunteering or dollar donations.

Have a happy and thankful Thanksgiving.

How do you give thanks during the holidays?  Is there an organization you are passionate about?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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