Pay Your Taxes Like Donald Duck

Pay Your Taxes Like Donald Duck

With all of the discussions and opinions surrounding tax reform and a Presidential election on the horizon, it is hard to think back to a time when people were supportive and eager to pay the income tax.  Would you believe that it was Donald Duck himself that struck a chord in the hearts of Americans with a message to get them to warm up to the idea?

Recently, NPR wrote an article, From Abe Lincoln To Donald Duck: History of the Income Tax, providing a history on the tax that is fueling so much debate these days.  In the article, David Kestenbaum shared the video the government used to motivate Americans into doing their duty and paying. 

Here is the video:

What did you think?  It certainly was upbeat and cheery.  Using a loveable Disney character was also a clever idea.  There is no question that the same video could not be used today to inspire Americans to cough up more money in taxes, although these are far different times.

Assuming a new video was produced, who do you think the spokesperson should be?  I asked one of my colleagues the other day, and she suggested Goofy.  Not a bad suggestion in light of the debacle our taxes have become.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow, I’ve never seen that cartoon before. Very interesting stuff. I heard that Walt Disney had his animators devote thousands of hours to help with wartime efforts (very similar to this cartoon) on his own dime without asking for any payment from the Government. Not only was Walt Disney a patriot, but he was himself a veteran. I wonder how any of the contemporary cartoons would approach a a task like this one? I could see Stewie Griffin rifling through a shoebox full of receipts!

  2. I hadn’t seen this one either, Derek. I thought it was pretty good. I would love to see one of our modern day cartoons turned into a “pay your taxes” types ad. It would be funny to see which character or cartoon could inspire people. Thanks for sharing!

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