What is Your New Year’s Resolution – Tax Pros?

What is Your New Year’s Resolution – Tax Pros?
OK, so you have made it through the holiday season (and for many tax pros, through a crazy year end) bustling with tax work, reconciliation, analysis, and provision; not to mention the holiday shopping, parties, family travel and/or hosting your very own Griswald Family Christmas….Have you given thought to your New Year’s resolution for 2013?  Thought I would share a count-down of a top ten possible resolutions for tax pros, ending with the number 1 top resolution for 2013 that you should consider.  Below that is a great infographic put forth by Daily Infographic at http://dailyinfographic.com/new-years-resolutions-infographic.   So, you should be covered with tax related and personal goals to start your new year off right.  Don’t be like my hubby who says that his New Year’s resolution consists of NOT making a New Year’s resolution!


Count Down To a Top Ten Key New Year’s Resolutions for Tax Pros!


10. Fit in some fitness!

9.   Unsubscribe to pushed emails and go towards “corralling” your RSS Feeds, news subscriptions and

8.  Select one process that is extremely manual and possibly error prone and write a plan to automate it.

7.  Learn something new.

6.  Automate 10% more Schedule M’s (if you are really ambitious, put together a plan to get to at least 60% automation of your Schedule M’s)

5.  Establish a great relationship with someone in Finance/Accounting who can help you with data, reports and in understanding which accounts are getting booked to with which data, and make sure that they understand the repercussions of changes to account bookings that tax cares about.

4.  Pay down at least one credit card (and if you are one of the lucky ones with no credit card debt currently, then determine a way to increase your savings by 1-5%).

3.  Determine how you can get rid of 10 spreadsheets this year.  Either by using a packaged solution, getting better data or a report from the GL, or otherwise automating a process that you currently do today with a lot of spreadsheet activity.

2.  Find one critical piece of data or documentation that you have multiple touch points on today and determine how you can get that to “one touch and done”!

1.  Spend more time with friends and family and enjoying life to the fullest!


Here is a great infographic from Daily Infographic as well!  Click to enlarge.

What is Your New Year’s Resolution   Tax Pros?


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